Honourable Delhi Main Minister Arvind Kejriwal emerged right down to Chennai today to meet Kamal Haasan, for an important debate. It had been expected and believed to be an important political meeting, and as expected, both the symbols have come out with a statement confirming that it was indeed a politics meet.

Kamal Haasan and Arvind Kejriwal found the press and advertising, after their conversation, where they disclosed about the important points that were reviewed in the meet. Kamal Haasan said, “People who are against problem are relatives for me personally, and therefore, Arvind Kejriwal is also one such relative. We are all honoured to acquire him here. The goal of the conference is singular, i.e, fighting against corruption. Kejriwal is known for preventing against corruption tirelessly, and I also have a similar reputation. No think about we made a decision to meet up and discuss any of it. It had been a learning curve for me.”


Kejriwal, in his talk, said that Kamal Haasan should join politics as soon as possible. “I am a big enthusiast of Kamal Haasan Ji, both, as an acting professional, and an individual. He enjoys a reputation of having high courage. At this time with time, when the country is facing strong pushes of problem and communalism, like-minded people to meet and discuss these. Kamal Ji should definitely enter politics because the existing political situation is not good, both, in Tamil Nadu, and India. We had a very good assembly and it was excellent. We discussed a number of ideas and shared our views. We will continue to meet in the future too. I give thanks to him for the warm hospitality.”

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